Complete Compressed Air Installations

AirPro offers a wide range of services to its customers. We can undertake engineering design, procurement, installation and commissioning of complete Compressed Air Systems as well a rectification of faulty, expensive systems. At AirPro we have well equipped facilities as well as experienced Engineers providing best possible solution for your compressed air installations. We have advanced software that accurately calculates the diameter of pipe needed at each point according to the compressed air demand, keeping flow of compressed air laminar leading to minimum pressure drop.


AirPro is ECP Contractor for.

  • All types of industry;
  • Modern, innovative, energy efficientcompressed air installations
  • Complete piping systems;
  • Revamping & modernisation of existing compressed air installations.

Eight Reasons for Choosing AirPro

  • Well-Equipped Facilities
  • Experienced Engineers
  • Quality of Work
  • Flexibility
  • Industrial Installations of All Types
  • Pipe Laying for New Installations as well as Replacement for Existing.
AirPro is a rapidly expanding part of the Rastgar & Co, incorporating the group’s dynamic innovative spirit. We develop solutions that are specially designed to meet the requirements and constraints of all industrial applications.

Compressed Air Pipe System

The purpose of the compressed air piping system is to deliver compressed air to the points of use. The compressed air needs to be delivered with enough volume, appropriate quality and pressure to properly power the components that use the compressed air